The TANA waste compactor, the TANA E and H series

Tana is the only waste compactor built specifically for this purpose. The current Tana E & Tana H series are the result of long-term product development and proven solutions that deliver remarkable benefits to the user. Tana compactors have unique features that put them on a different level compared to other compactors on the market. All this is due to the mounting of two large trekking drums combined with the rigid frame and teeth.

Maximising the compaction rate and extending the life of a landfill with optimum operating costs are the main objectives of today’s waste management professionals. Tana increases the compaction rate by at least 10% compared to other manufacturers. How such result is achieved?

The easiest way to calculate the compaction density of the landfill is to measure the surface of the landfill, the volume processed and the tonnages applied to that particular sector. In general, the density is between 700 kg/m³ and 1300 kg/m³. This density is influenced by the type of waste and its variable properties, as well as by the equipment used for compaction. The Tana E and H series waste compactor achieve at least 10% higher compaction results than any four-wheeled machine.

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The Tana Shark, a shredder that makes a difference

The Tana Shark, a slow rotating shredder, is the most versatile shredder on the market. The Shark really shows its added value when things get difficult: No material stops the shredder resulting in a wide range of applications. Thanks to an intelligent and solid concept, the Shark reduces most products in one pass to a uniform particle size between 50 and 500 mm.

There is a trend to reduce waste streams to smaller particle sizes, keeping the volumes going to landfills as low as possible and thus maximize recycling to add value to each and every material. In addition, the composition of waste is constantly changing, leading to the demand for more multi-purpose machines.

The Tana ProTrack : A clear management of the machine.

Knowledge and a perfect overview of the activity data of the shredder using the Pro-track information platform, leading to more productivity at lower costs. The Tana ProTrack system is probably the most advanced system on the market and offers all information about the machine process and enables a perfect maintenance planning.

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