TaPo Iron-copper separator

The TA-PO 1000 separation machine separates Fe particles from Fe particles containing a non- ferrous part. This is based on magnetism combined with speed. To illustrate: if iron (Fe) parts and motor anchors/transformers (Fe and Cu) are fed as a mix on the TA-PO 1000 separation machine, the iron (Fe) parts will end up in the first compartment and the motor anchors/transformers in the second compartment. All parts put into the machine are controlled at a set speed by a special magnetic field. As a result, the iron (Fe) parts have a shorter evacuation curve and the motor anchors/transformers with a copper (Cu) part have a longer evacuation curve. Based on this difference a separation of the different parts is created.

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When to use:

The TA-PO 1000 can handle parts from 10 to 300 mm. If the inserted parts are homogeneous, the separation percentage will be higher than when there are large differences in dimensions.

Why to use:

  • Clean iron fraction has higher value, higher percentage can be used by iron
    producers, larger sales area
  • Concentrated fraction of copper- containing iron representing a value of x2.5 compared to clean iron
  • Higher separation result than 5 handpicks
  • Easy to use unit

Risk mitigation:

At Smet we make sure that you can start with peace of mind.

  • Customer training
  • Machine adjustment
  • Service
  • Theft and breakage insurance

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