WIMA HDS-S density separator

The WIMA HDS-S is a compact, water-based density separator. We can start dividing the separator into 3 different parts: the division chamber, discharge belt for the light materials and a drill for the heavy material. The material enters the density separator in the distribution chamber. Here the heavy pieces sink to the bottom. The shaftless auger discharges the sunken particles, up to a size of 150mm. At the bottom of the division chamber is a generator that generates an upward current that transports the light particles down to a discharge conveyor. With the help of a variable up-flow, this stone washer allows us to separate products with a density of strong, >1 g/cm³ from particles with a higher density. For efficient operation, the water separator is best placed in line with a drum screen, shaker screen or conveyor belt with bunker.

A conveyor belt can be placed under the heavy fraction in order to work longer without having to shovel the material away.

The WIMA HDS-S water separator is available for rent from 1 day. Are you interested in buying this water separator? That is also possible, since 2022 Smet Machinery is official dealer of the full range of WIMA.

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Suitable for separating:

  • Materials of different density


6.000 mm

Work mode


3.950 mm

Work mode


2.900 mm

Work mode


3.1 ton




63 A

Distribution chamber content

3 m³