Precimeca tyre shredder

Special features

  • Tires are cut instead of pulled apart
  • Result: 50 x 80 mm or 80 x 100 mm
  • 100% Electric
  • Own water reservoir
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Specifications Precimeca - Tyre shredder

The Precimeca tire crusher achieves unique results in shredding tires that other crushers cannot match. This all-electric machine is designed to shred tires to a specific size, with the discharge conveyor connected directly to the crushing chamber to prevent overloading and improve the quality of the final product. The size of the final granulate is determined by a sieve under the two rotors that cut the tires into pieces with sharp blades. Unused pieces are returned to the crushing chamber through a return mechanism. Sizes of 80x100mm or 50x80mm can be achieved using this sieve. Unlike other shredders that pull tires apart, the Precimeca Mobile uses a cutting system which ensures a perfect end product. In addition, this tire crusher has a built-in water tank, eliminating the need for a direct water connection.

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Options Precimeca - Tyre shredder
  • Invoerbunker om te beladen met wiellader
Precimeca - Tyre shredder
  • Resultaat: 50 x 80 mm of 80 x 100 mm
  • Volledig elektrisch
  • Eigen water reservoir
  • Ingebouwde sterrenzeef met retour