SmetVac 400D

Special features:

  • Quick set-up time
  • Adjustable nozzle
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SmetVac 400D - Mobile windshifter

Besides the SV400E, our electric windshifter, we introduce the SmetVac SV400D, another excellent solution for removing unwanted contamination in your product. While the SV400E is an all-electric windshifter, the SV400D offers a powerful diesel-powered solution.

The SV400D is a compact mobile windshifter that can be seamlessly installed on both fixed and mobile recycling plants. With this powerful windshifter, you can optimise your recycling process and upgrade your products to the next level.

The squeegee allows you to easily remove light plastic materials from your product stream, resulting in a cleaner and purer end product. Alternatively, the blower nozzle offers the ability to blow both light and hard plastic and wood out of the product stream. This versatile option is ideal for streamlining your recycling process and increasing the purity of your products.

Why chosse the SV400D compact windshifter? First of all, because of its compact design, this wind shifter can be installed even in hard-to-reach places in less than 15 minutes. This allows maximum flexibility.

Rent first, then buy?

Would you like to test this machine first before purchasing? You can! You can rent this machine from Smet Rental on a trial basis.

Options SmetVac 400D - Mobile windshifter
  • Suction nozzle or blowing nozzle
  • Universal attachment
  • Hydraulic system with direct drive and couplings
  • 12” Flexi air hose connections to suction nozzle
Technical info SmetVac 400D - Mobile Windshifter
  • 30 kW high-performance suction unit
  • Adjustable suction
  • Quick set-up time on site – 10 minutes
  • Universal conveyor attachments
  • Lenght: 1.487 m
  • Width: 1.603 m
  • Height: 1.167 m
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • 415V, 3-phase 30 kW 2-pole electric drive
  • Forklift pockets fitted for ease of movement
Technical fiche SmetVac 400D - Mobile windshifter
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