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A mobile and extremely versatile waste shredder suitable for both pre-shredding as well as shredding of industrial waste, demolition waste, tyres, mattresses, tree trunks, tree roots, green waste, etc. to your desired piece size.

The slow rotating rotor, equipped with 33 wear-resistant teeth and 23 counter knives, reduces the material size. When a specific or smaller piece size is desirable, it suffices to change the baskets.

Due to the unique design of the machine, the material is reduced by cutting. As a result, the machine consumes less fuel, which benefits you as a user. In addition, the Tana shredders are equipped with an intelligent control system with different programs that you can choose depending on the material to be shredded. Thus, you don’t have to adjust anything, the machine does it for you.

The machine is mounted on a semi-trailer, which allows you to efficiently move it to the shredding site.

A good loading of the machine is crucial for a good return.

By loading the machine with a material handler crane, you keep an overview of your shredding process.

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