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Tana Shark 440EM Electric semi-trailer

Electricity instead of diesel: lower operating costs and no emissions.
The electrical Tana shark industrial shredder offers the same versatility and reliability as it’s diesel equivalent, while being more ecofriendly in terms of emissions and noise. In the electrical Tana shark, the diesel engine is replaced by two electric motors. The operator can connect the machine to the power grid or use a generator. Since it’s more economical, the initial investment will pay off through lower operating costs, an enhanced sustainability, a cleaner location and a safer working environment eradicating the presence of emissions. The electrical shredder has the power and torque of a diesel engine, but with a variety of convincing benefits!

Significant noise reduction.
Particularly in waste treatment sites close to urban areas, local noise regulations often apply. An electrical shredder produces 6 dB less sound than a diesel shredder, making it easier to comply with noise regulations and satisfy local residents and contributing to a safer work environment. The Tana shark electrical shredder contributes to an overall increased satisfaction of both users and their surroundings.

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