Density separators

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Density separators for sale at Smet Machinery!

With the HDS series density separators we wil separate products based on their density. A perfect result is assured with pieces between 10 mm and 150 mm. For optimal results, we recommend treating the material beforehand with a drum-, star- or scalper screen in order to remove the light fraction from the product. These screen will insure a continues stream of material that will aid in a perfect separate process.

The HDS series are available in the following versions:

  • HDS-S – the entry-level solution for water based density separation.
  • HDS-M – the more complex solution for larger volumes with integrated sediment discharger.
  • HDS-W – the solution for cleaning granulate

The less contaminated the water the better the density separator can do its job. For waste water treatment we also have the ideal solutions. You can find more information on the LA series page.