Maskin Mekano ECO 6

Special features:

  • 2 x 1,4 x 4,8m screening area
  • Low noise level
  • Fifth wheel truck
  • CSS (Clean Screening System)
  • Vibro block technology
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Specifications Maskin Mekano ECO 6

The ECO 6 screener is the latest addition to an already wide range of high-quality machine. Once again equipped with STE-technology and CSS (Clean Screening System), the ECO 6 is ready for all screening tasks.

Where all othere screeners plant from Maskin Mekano have to be fed by an external bunker, screen or crusher, the ECO 6 can work completely autonomously. Equipped with a 7m³ bunker, it can be fed directly by a chovel.


A powerful stroke and a relatively flat inclanatina ngle of the screening box are the basic principles of STE screening technology, rapid separation of the material takes place end the inclination angle gives each fraction sufficient time and opportunity to reach the appropriate screen decks with the end goal of a high capacity.

Vibro Block technology

The screen box and drive are mounted in a separate frame. This frame is then sprung back onto the chassis. This way, the power is kept where it is needed most, in the screening box. No vibrations can be observed around the machine either, allowing one to move around the machine safely via the platform.

Why add the Maskin Mekano ECO 6 to your machine fleet?

Maskin Mekano machines in most European countries always had 1 drawback to being fully mobile and that was having their own bunker. With the LS1202 and the LS1203, they already had a fully mobile all-in-one mobile solution for the Nordic countries. For Belgian, Dutch, German and other European roads, they now also have an all-in-one solution for this, the ECO 6. With its 7m³ bunker and its own generator, you put it to work anywhere. When all work is done, fold it up and transport it easily to its next job with the fifth wheel.

Rent first, then buy?

Would you like to test this machine first before purchasing? You can! You can rent this machine from Smet Rental on a trial basis.

Options Maskin Mekano Eco 6
  • Extra ball deck
  • Working lights
Technical info Maskin Mekano Eco 6
  • 2 x 1,8 x 5,2m screening area
  • 2 decks, 3 fractions
  • 22 ton
  • Bunker capacity: 7m³
  • Fifth wheel
  • Consumption: 22 kWh
  • Vibro Blocks
  • CSS (Clean Screen System)
  • Maintenance-free barings as standard