Roco X7T

Special features:

  • Largest screening box in its class
  • Unbeatable storage capacity
  • 3 deck heavy duty high energy 2 bearing screening box (1050rpm)
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Specificaties Roco X7T - Aggregate screen

The X7T is the largest screen in the Roco range. This aggressive 4 fraction screen is highly performance-oriented when it comes to product separation and separates material like no other, while maintaining efficiency and consistency. With its huge screening box of no less than 3 decks of 7.000mm x 1.520mm, the Roco X7T has the largest screening surface of its kind, which naturally results in screening results of the highest quality.

Opties Roco X7T - Aggregate screen
  • Wireless remote control for tracks
  • Dustbuster air cleaner
Engine options Roco X7T - Aggregate screen
  • Tier 3A
  • Tier 4F
  • Stage 5
Technical info Roco X7T
  • Screenbox: 6.700 mm x 1.520 mm
  • Bunker capacity: 9,2 m³
  • Capacity: up to 450 tonnes per hour
  • Bunker belt: 1.050 mm
  • Storage height: 5.780 mm
Technical info Roco X7T
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