Roco 1600S

Special features

  • Coarse chevron discharge belt – 1600mm (largest in its class!)
  • Standard hopper of 8,7m³
  • Over the top folding discharge belts
  • Screen deck 4.880mm x 1.520mm
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Specifications Roco 1600S - Scalping screen

The Roco 1600S is a powerful scalping screen that performs at a high efficiency. Due to its robust construction, this 3 way scalping screen can withstand a lot. This machine is capable of handling large loading volumes from wheel loaders, excavators and direct feed via a crusher.

Its optional steel bunker belt and versatile choice of screening nets, plates and fingers, there is no screening project that the 1600S cannot handle.

Options Roco 1600S - Scalping screen
  • Steel bunker plates
  • Finger, Bofar Bars, punch plate, HD Mesh
  • Wireless remote
  • Hydraulic bunker extensions
  • Dustbuster air cleaner
Motor options Roco 1600S - Scalping screen
  • Tier 3A
  • Tier 4F
  • Stage 5
Technical documents Roco 1600S - Scalping screen
  • Screen box: 4.880 mm x 1.520 mm
  • Bunker capacity: 8,7 m³
  • Capacity: up to 450 tonnes per hour
  • Bunker belt: 1.400 mm
  • Coarse fraction discharge belt: 1.600 mm
Technical drawing Roco 1600S - Scalping screen
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