Roco Sprinter 1500

Special features

  • Crusher Plug-In Run Option
  • Fully Demountable Genset
  • Unique 2/3 way Split Design
  • improved 5° Screening Angle On Bottom Deck
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Specifications Roco Sprinter 1500 - Scalping Screen

The ROCO RYDER 1500 is a robust mobile scalping screen, born from the combination of experience and engineering. This is evident in the design of the machine. The discharge belts for the fine and middle fraction are both 900 mm wide and fold over the machine. Next is the screening box.

At the beginning of the upper deck, there is a narrower net to absorb the impact of the material coming from the bunker. Should the first section be damaged by the impact, only a small part of the upper deck needs to be replaced instead of the entire first deck. The lower deck consists of three equal sections as standard, ensuring better screening and easier net changes.

The coarse discharge belt can be folded up for transport and hydraulically retracted easily and quickly. By retracting this discharge belt, the ROCO SPRINTER 1500 can be quickly adjusted to two fractions without having to dismantle any belts.

The plug-in option offers you, the customer, the choice of running the machine via a generator or directly on the grid.

Options Roco Sprinter 1500 - Scalping Screen
  • Apron Feeder Belt
  • Finger, Bofar Bars, punch plate, HD Mesh
  • Wireless remote
  • Hydraulic bunker extensions
  • Dustbuster air cleaner
Engine options Roco 1500 - Scalping Screen
  • Tier 4F
  • Stage 5
Technical Info Roco Sprinter 1500 - Scalping Screen
  • Screenbox: 4.200 mm x 1.400 mm
  • Bunker capacity: 6 m³
  • Throughput: up to 350 tons an hour
  • Discharge belt coarse fraction: 1.200 mm
Technical data sheet Roco Sprinter 1500 - Scalping Screen
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